Hormone Replacement

Men's Tailored Testosterone Replacement offers concierge testosterone replacement tailored to your unique goals for optimal health and happiness.

Many patients come into our MTR seeking care to improve their sex drive, moods, sleep habits, and energy levels and restore muscle mass. Additionally, we can help with erectile dysfunction and other symptoms related to low testosterone levels.

We do not accept health insurance at this time. We accept most major credit cards and most FSA / HSA accounts.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Common complaints of men with low testosterone:

 1. “I would rather just go to bed at night than have sex anymore.”

2. “My motivation to work out just isn’t what it used to be, and now when I do go, I feel like nothing changes and I don’t see any improvements.”

3. “My erections are not what they use to be.”

How Do I Qualify for The Hormone Replacement Therapy Program?

Becoming a patient at Men’s Tailored Testosterone Replacement is easy and can be completed in as quickly as 72hr!

Request An Appointment

The first step is to request a laboratory evaluation. We accept lab results for consideration within the last 6 months or we can easily place an order for you. The fastest way to get started is simply to text the office that you’re interested in having your labs evaluated at 832-598-5695 or fill out the “Get in touch” form.

Phone Consultation

Once we have obtained laboratory values, the office will contact you and you will meet with a provider by phone to review your results and your symptoms to determine eligibility. Not everyone with low testosterone may require or qualify for replacement. The same goes for patients who have been told that their levels are “normal” as ”normal” valued patients may qualify for therapy. Patients who qualify will schedule an in-person exam.

In-Person Consultation

This is a brief visit for patients who have qualified for testosterone replacement therapy and are due to begin treatment. Here the provider will take your vital signs, complete a basic history and physical exam, provide instructions on self-injection and answer any further questions. Additionally, testosterone is designated as a controlled substance by the DEA in the United States. It is important we confirm all identities before providing any prescriptions for controlled substances.

Follow-Up Consultation

After receiving your lab results, we will set up a virtual consultation via telemedicine.


After your live visit, we will send your prescription to our partnered pharmacy. You will receive it in the mail normally within 48 to 72 hours!

Weekly Self-Injections

Testosterone replacement consists of weekly intramuscular self-injection.

Follow-Up Visits:


What types of symptoms are associated with low testosterone?

We treat low testosterone levels and associated symptoms such as low muscle mass, decreased sex drive, poor energy, poor moods, poor sleep habits, erectile dysfunction, and much more.

Is there an age limit? I am afraid I may be too young to start testosterone.

Our providers complete both basic testosterone and more advanced studies as needed to help determine the cause of your low testosterone. You may qualify if symptoms are present and you’re older than 18.

How do you treat patients?

We evaluate your symptoms and lab values to create a tailored plan for you. All of our patients self-inject testosterone cypionate weekly in the privacy of their own homes. We also can provide additional medications treating erectile dysfunction as your testosterone levels begin to return to a healthy range where you feel your best.

How much is the treatment?

Our concierge-style service allows for some of the most competitive pricing, as under the most recent market evaluation, we are beating all of our local competitors. In addition, we pride ourselves in greater convenience for our clients with pharmacy delivery services, telemedicine, and concierge provider visits. Our pricing is all-inclusive and includes the laboratory tests needed for testosterone replacement at a discounted rate, all provider fees, medical supplies, and medications.

Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept or bill health insurance plans. Our patients are all self-pay. We do accept most FSA/HSA accounts.

How do I get my labs drawn and evaluated?

The first step is to request a laboratory evaluation. We accept lab results for consideration within the last 6 months or we can easily place an order for you. The fastest way to get started is simply to text the office that you’re interested in having your labs evaluated at 832-598-5695 or fill out the “Get in touch” form.

How do I get my medication and supplies?

Our Texas-based pharmacy partner will ship all medications and supplies directly to your door.

Do I need to come to your clinic weekly?

Once you are qualified for the program, someone from our team will contact you to arrange a concierge visit. Here we will complete a brief physical exam and answer any final questions you may have. Our clients are self-injecting weekly. Trips to our office are not required. Follow-up consultations are completed via telemedicine.

What if I have questions or concerns during treatment? How do I follow up?

As part of our tailored service, all our clients have direct access to their clinician via email, telemedicine, and phone. If required, patients can schedule a live concierge follow-up appointment. They are available for any questions or concerns throughout your treatment.

I am already receiving treatment but am interested in transferring to your program. Can you use my most recent labs from my doctor?

Labs within 6 – 9 months may be used to evaluate your treatment eligibility, but we may require additional tests for those with extremely low values. We find many clients are started on a treatment plan without additional tests investigating the causes of their extremely low testosterone.

Can I still use testosterone replacement if I have a history of steroid use?

Our patients are in contract to not use any additional testosterone boosters, supplements, or modifiers while in our care. We can assist patients who have modified their testosterone levels in the past and return them to a healthy range. Our goal is to manage your testosterone levels and symptoms safely and effectively.

How soon will I notice the results?

Depending on their initial signs and symptoms, patients can begin noticing changes within the first few weeks of treatment.

Why is my testosterone low?

Various factors can contribute to low testosterone, including but not limited to stress, sleep habits, diet, age, medications, and genetics. Although we might not always be able to pinpoint your exact cause, we will work to be sure to investigate any abnormalities and refer you to the right provider if needed.

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