MTR Level 1B

MTR Level 1B

$139.99 / 30 days


Subscription period: Monthly Automatic renewal (recurring payments)
MTR Level 1B – $139.99 a month includes MTR hormone replacement therapy (HRT) only. Patients are responsible for obtaining their own laboratory studies for evaluation every 90 days, or at the providers request. Labs must include the following tests: CBC, BMP/CMP, PSA, Total Testosterone, Estradiol, and the Lipid Panel as needed.

HRT medications every 90 days; Testosterone Cypionate/Propionate, Anastrozole, and the requires supplies for administration. Additional, included are provider telemedicine consultations every 90 days.

Additional information

One Time Onboarding

Active patient new to membership $49.99 (USD), New patient & new membership $249.99 (USD), Prior patient returning and restarting $149.99 (USD), Established client new platform transition: $199.00 (USD)

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