MTR Level 2A

MTR Level 2A

$129.99 / 30 days


Subscription period: Monthly Automatic renewal (recurring payments) MTR Level 2B – $129.99 a month includes MTR oral replacement therapy only. No injections. Included laboratory evaluation every 90 days, or at the providers request. Labs will include the following but not limited to:CBC, BMP/CMP, PSA, Total Testosterone, Estradiol, and the Lipid Panel as needed.

Medications supplied every 90 days; Enclomiphine. Additional, included are provider telemedicine consultations every 90 days.

Additional information

One Time Onboarding

Active patient new to membership $49.99 (USD), New patient & new membership $249.99 (USD), Prior patient returning and restarting $149.99 (USD), Established client new platform transition: $199.00 (USD)

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